High quality

Only selected varieties of tea from over the world.

Perfect taste

All of our teas go through degustation.

Wide assortment

More than 150 names in the product range.

Unique design

Design of package of each variety is unique.


Products don't contain GMO.
The company was founded and started operating under the brand of Exclusive in 2015. At that time, the number of employees was 50, while the assortment consisted of 16 items. As a result of the competent and diligent work of the board of directors and management staff from the first days of operation, the company began to gain growth at a high pace. The company's management has always set the task of increasing the volume of supply by providing the population with the best quality tea products at the best prices in the market. Despite the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020 the company broke into the ranks of the leaders in the supply of tea products in the market of Uzbekistan. More
Our company imports raw materials from the leading tea-producing countries, which are leaders not only in terms of supply volume, but also in terms of the quality of the products supplied.


Indonesia is one of the leaders in the cultivation of tea. Up to 67% of the products are intended for export.Indonesia mainly produces black tea.


Iran ranks seventh in the world in tea production. The best variety of Iranian tea is considered Lahijan. More than 5,000 hectares of tea plantations are located in Shahrestan Lahijan, 40 km east of the center of Gilan Ostan.


There are not many large plantations in Kenya – about 90% of the tea produced is grown on small farms with an area of less than one acre. In general, Kenyan producers annually collect about 440 thousand tons of tea.


India is the second largest tea producer in the world, producing an average of 1,325,050 tons per year. More than 70% of the tea produced is consumed domestically, not exported.


Tea production in Sri Lanka is one of the largest industries, employing more than a million local workers. About 190 thousand hectares are allocated for the cultivation of tea in the island state


China is undoubtedly the largest tea producer in the world, producing almost 2.5 million tons of tea annually, accounting for a third of the world's production.


Vietnam closes the top five countries in tea production with an indicator of 260,000 tons per year. Approximately 60% of the tea produced in Vietnam is black tea, 35% is green tea, and 5% is other special varieties such as lotus or jasmine tea.